I'm Fabrizio Bertorino, National Guide to mountain biking, profession pursuant to italian Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013, graduated from the National Academy of Mountain Bike in Milan.

Bye Bike Trentino© is the brand that I designed for my business driving mountain biking.

Bye Bike Trentino© is an accurate way of understanding the holiday and the relationship with their time and nature. It caters to various categories of people: those who, through the use of the bicycle, have the pleasure of discovering corners of the land, landscapes, panoramas, scraps of history and experience the excitement that it brings.

The bicycle makes it possible to route timing and rhythm of the car much more relaxed, but still fast enough to be able to explore places otherwise difficult to reach on foot.

Nevertheless, it will also appeal to those who like to climb higher than others, and for this, they accept the price of a greater effort.

Whether you go by bike on a bike path ...

… or on a more challenging off-road,                     

© Bye Bike Trentino has the ability and the desire to

  • accompany you,
  • lead you,
  • suggest you the itinerary, the tour, that best suits your desires and your logistical, technical and time needs.

It operates throughout the Trentino region, mainly in the Valsugana and Alto Garda.

... and raising to the sky
a bit astonished look
find a little piece of infinity
just in your book.

Affiliated with the National Academy of Mountain Bike


Bye Bike Trentino

via Mesiano

+39 345 6372612

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